OUR HOUSE HAD AN ATTIC WHICH WAS VERY USEFUL WHEN OUR DAUGHTER WAS A CHILD. WE MADE IT INTO A PLAYROOM FOR HER AND HER FRIENDS. SHE HAD THE USUAL THINGS UP THERE, WENDY HOUSE, SHOP, ROCKING HORSE AND BLACKBOARDS ON THE WALLS. WE FILLED IT WITH LOTS OF TOYS BOUGHT AT JUMBLE SALES, SO IF ANY GOT BROKEN IT DID NOT MATTER SO MUCH. EVERY WEEKEND IT WAS FILLED WITH LAUGHTER AS HER FRIENDS CHARGED ABOUT UP THERE UNSUPERVISED. ALL OF THEM LOVED THE FREEDOM FROM PARENTS AND MANY OF THEM, NOW GROWN UP, REMEMBER THOSE YEARS. Sarah grew up and the attic playroom stopped being used. For many years it fell silent and was neglected. Then after we got back from 5 years sailing the world, we descided to put a pool table up there. We bought it from two policemen who had tried to run a youth club to keep the kids off the streets of an estate. unfortunately they had to close it down after the kids kept smashing the place up. When it arrived we had a party and the party just seemed to carry on for half a dozen years or so. After the pub we always seemed to end up in the attic. We took some photos of each 'pool night' and stapled them on the attic wall. Friends have asked about them, as they have all been taken down now. Well they were all gathering dust in a shoe box, so I thought I would include them in our homepages so they can be viewed again. HAPPY TIMES!