OUR MERLIN KIT CAR .....The factory was based in Essex under the company name "Thoroughbred Cars", the Gowing model was launched in 1980 and was called the "Merlin TF" (Type Ford) it now had a Ford pinto engine in the front, there was a total of approximately three hundred cars produced when production ended in 1984.
In 1985 under the name "Paris Cars" Peter Gowing renamed the "Monro" the "Merlin Plus Two" which effectively replaced the "TF". Both the chassis and rear suspension had to be redesigned and the rear body work was squared up to free some space for a rear seat.
In 1986 the Merlin gained a German TUV approval. Paris cars also produced a two seater version of the "Merlin Plus Two" called the "Merlin Two Seater".
In 1992 the Paris Cars introduced a Ford Sierra-based chassis option, while still offering the Cortina option the Sierra-based Chassis accounted for approximately 75 % of the sales.
Lotus had some input on the chassis design after some criticism.
With approximately just over 700 Merlin's produced in total (excluding the "TF") in May 1998 Paris Cars ended production of the Merlin.
Our MERLIN has a completely rebuilt engine and has new rings and shells, stage two gas flowed head with bigger unleaded valves, Piper fast road cam and Vernier Pulley. New upgrade Webber twin 38 chokes and bigger jets, electronic ignition, and electric fan. Tested on a rolling road at 137 BHP.